How To Remove Excess Stain From Deck That Has Dried

One major problem people often experience with their wooden structures or decks is when excess stain dries and alters the look of a finished surface. If you've been looking for ways to get rid of dried stain from your deck, you're on the right page. We have done proper research and here is a reliable answer we found.

To remove excess dried stain from a deck, simply rub the extra stain away from any areas where it has pooled using a lint-free cloth dipped in mineral spirits or paint thinner. Start with a gentle touch and then increase the intensity of your scrubbing.

When you have a stain on your deck that is not pleasant to the eyes, you do not have to paint over it. It will only cause the affected part to start emitting tiny bubbles on the surface. To learn more about deck stains, keep reading further as we have detailed information that can help you get rid of it.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Excess Stain From Wood After Drying?

Wooden decks need to be renovated as they age. Well-maintained surfaces ultimately require a complete refurbishment or painting.

Any stubborn stain on your wood deck will probably be removed with a stain remover. It is a chemical product that you can use to remove stain from the deck's wood.

Before handling any chemical substance, always remember to put on your gloves. Seal off anything else that you don't want the cleaner to get in contact with. It will work nicely to use a plastic sheet and tape.

The most crucial thing is to read and strictly abide by the manufacturer's instructions if you want the best outcomes. You can follow these steps.

Step One

Liberally coat the stained deck with the cleaner. A paintbrush, roller, or pump sprayer are all acceptable tools. Regardless of the instrument you choose, make sure the targeted stained area is adequately covered.

Step Two

As instructed by the particular product you use, let the deck cleaner remain on the surface for 20 to 30 minutes (or more). Use a spray bottle to wet the deck if it quickly dries out.

Step Three

Verify that your pressure washer nozzle has a revolving fan that extends over a 40–60 degree angle. As you pressure wash your deck boards, this will cover a wide area at once. Depending on how well the water pressure removes the stain, adjust it to a higher or lower pressure.

Step Four

To remove the old and flaking stain from your deck, hold the pressure washer wand about 12 inches away from the surface, let go of the trigger, and use sweeping motions. Follow the grain of the wood as you sweep.

Step Five

Gradually work on a part of the deck until all of the excess dried stain has been eliminated. Don't overspray the stain with a pressure washer if difficult to remove, as this can damage the wood.

Step Six

Give your wood deck adequate time to dry and reveal any obstinate stained areas. When the wood has had enough time to dry, proceed to apply a deck stain remover to those troublesome areas where the pressure washer did not remove excess stain. 

This video demonstrates how to best prepare the surface and utilize a stain stripper to remove old stain from a deck: 

What Happens When You Don't Wipe Off Excess Wood Stain?

Staining wood with paintbrush

Applying a wood stain requires that you let it sit on the surface long enough to color it, but you must remove it right away before it hardens. The wood will be put under too much stress and become a sticky mass that never dries if the stain is left on without being removed.

To reach the desired result, you must solve the issue, regardless of whether you neglected to remove the extra stain or you left the wood stain on for an excessively long period before wiping.

Wood stain colors the wood by permeating the pores and grain. For the dyed wood to dry properly, anything that is still on the surface needs to be washed off.

The stain will become sticky and blotchy as the solvents inside it evaporate if you do not wipe it off or if you apply it too thickly.

In most cases, you might want to leave the stain on for a few minutes to let the color take. As a general rule, you can get a darker color by letting the stain sit on the wood for longer.

However, you don't want to wait until the stain has dried before removing the excess. Additionally, the time needed for stain types to dry varies.

Will Vinegar Remove Deck Stain?

White vinegar in a glass bottle

Like any deck surface, a wood deck requires care. The wood is very resilient to the elements outside and normally just needs to be cleaned once in a while when residue builds up.

Cleaning the wood deck safely using a vinegar mixture that works just as well without using harsh chemicals is preferable to using bleach or a commercial cleaning product that contains chemical elements.

White vinegar, an all-natural cleaner, and deodorizer has long been used to clean a range of surfaces, including decks. In addition to getting rid of grime and grease, white vinegar also kills fungi like mold and mildew and gets rid of strong odors. 

White vinegar can be used on decks without endangering the stain because it doesn't contain any strong chemicals. White vinegar can be used near kids, pets, and plants without endangering them. Use equal parts water and white vinegar to cleanse the deck surface.

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How To Clean Stains With Vinegar

Here are the steps to follow to clean stains with vinegar

  1. Use a broom to sweep away any loose dirt from the deck.
  2. Rinse the deck with your garden hose to get rid of any built-up debris.
  3. Pour one gallon of hose-fed water and one cup of white vinegar into a bucket.
  4. Scrub the wood deck by dipping a nylon scrub brush or broom into the cleaner and moving in the direction of the wood grain.

After washing, rinse the deck and let it air dry. In addition to cleaning, vinegar also eliminates the growth of mold and mildew.

Will Pressure Washing Remove Deck Stain?

Man cleaning terrace with a power washer

Power washing is the process of cleaning various surfaces, including driveways and entranceways, with incredibly strong water streams. Pressure washing, as it is often referred to, can get rid of loose paint, dust, and mold.

Pressure washing is an excellent option for a quick and simple clean-up if you have a difficult stain. It is not, however, effective on all surfaces; some are too sensitive to be cleaned by pressure washing.

Pressure washing must be carried out properly to avoid harm or undesirable outcomes, much like any other cleaning technique. Your deck could be harmed if you use the pressure washer improperly. 

You may need to hire a professional to pressure wash your deck to protect it from any damage if done wrong.

Deck stain should be easy to remove at a pressure setting of 1500 psi. When doing it yourself, Move the sprayer while keeping it about three inches off the ground while working in the same direction. 

Can You Sand Stain Off a Deck?

Sanding the deck

Yes, you can sand a deck to remove excess stain or paint. Although this might not work alone. After sanding, you can also power wash the deck for the complete removal of the excess stain.

Is It Better to Sand Or Power Wash a Deck?

In comparison to using a hose and water, pressure washers provide a rapid and effective approach for you to remove filth from outdoor surfaces. However, they are not always the best choice for your needs due to the amount of pressure that most pressure washers require to do the task.

What Happens If You Stain Over Stain?

Staining wooden deck with paint roller

A good approach to transforming a good piece of furniture into a wonderful one or simply updating the design of your home is to refinish it. It's quite easy to apply stain on top of the stain. 

When working with unfinished wood and placing a darker stain over a lighter stain, it works very effectively. Before lightening a piece of wood, an old stain must be removed because a light hue of stain applied on top of an already deeper finish won't make much of a difference.

To Sum Up

Wooden decks need to be renovated as they age. Well-maintained surfaces ultimately require a refurbishment or a painting. The stain remover is a chemical product that you can use to remove stain from the deck's wood. Always remember to put on your gloves before handling any chemical substance.

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