How To Change Bulb In Defiant Motion Light

Motion sensor lights are an excellent method to both save energy and increase the level of safety in your house. On the other hand, if the light stops operating, you might have to replace the light bulb. However, does a motion sensor lamp require a specific kind of light bulb to operate and how can they be changed? 

  • To begin, you will need to make sure that the power to the light is turned off.
  • Next, you will need to take off the cover of the lens and unscrew the bulb.
  • When you have finished removing the old bulb, you can replace it with the new one and then replace the lens cover.
  • At this point, you should make sure that the light is plugged back into the power source.

Replacing your bulb in defiant motion light needs precaution, to understand more stay put and keep reading as we would explain further in the succeeding paragraph.

A male installing motion light to house wall, How To Change Bulb In Defiant Motion Light

What is Defiant Motion Light?

A light that is programmed to switch on automatically in response to the detection of motion is referred to as a "defiant motion light." These lights have the potential to be employed for security purposes, particularly for the aim of discouraging criminals and trespassers.

Motion detection light

On the other hand, they can also be utilized for practical purposes, such as assisting one in navigating in the dark.

The vast majority of rebellious motion lights are solar-powered, meaning they do not need to be connected to an external power supply.

Some models additionally include a built-in battery, allowing them to continue functioning even in the event that the power is interrupted. Defiant motion lights are not only simple to install but also offer an additional layer of protection for your house.

How To Change Bulb In Defiant Motion Light

Here are the steps to follow if you want to change your bulb in defiant motion light.

Make Sure the Lights Are Off

Hand of young woman turning off circuit breaker in home

You need to make sure that your motion light is switched off before you attempt to replace the light bulb that it uses. To do this quickly and easily, simply turn on your light by using the switch that is linked to it.

However, if your light is turned on, changing the bulb while the power is still going through it might be risky and should be avoided if at all possible.

Take Off The Cover

Man trying to remove security light cover

Find the cover for your lamp and have a look at it. In most cases, the cover can be found on either the back or the side of the light.

You have to unscrew the component so as to get rid of the lid. After the screws have been taken out, you will be able to remove the cover of the lamp.

Get Rid of the Old One

You are now able to remove the old bulb from the light because you have access to the interior of the light.

To accomplish this, you will need to unscrew it from its socket. After you have removed the old bulb, you may then properly dispose of it.

Insert the New

Now would be a good time to place the new light bulb into its socket. Once more, check to be that it is securely screwed in so that it does not fall after you have installed the replacement bulb, you may replace the cover and secure it by screwing it back into place.

Switch on Your Light

Circuit breaker covered by plastic case

Now that you've changed the bulb, you can switch the light back on in the room. Simply giving the switch a new position should get your light back on and function properly. 

How Do You Remove a Motion Sensor Bulb?

Led projector with motion sensor in wooden outdoor carport

Items you would need are a Phillips screwdriver, a scaffold or ladder, what you want to replace, and a utility knife. With the addition of a motion sensor module, any existing light fixture may be converted into an automated security light.

Both the motion sensor module and the lighting fixture itself need to be disconnected from the electrical power supply in order to properly diagnose and repair a faulty motion sensor module.

After you have taken apart the module, you will be able to put in its replacement. The process is easy to understand and just requires a few common household items. 

First Step

At the fuse box, either remove the fuse or trip the circuit breaker so that power is cut off to the area where the faulty motion sensor module is placed. This will allow the electricity to be disconnected from the electric line.

Second Step: 

Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws that are surrounding the lighting fixture that is attached to the motion sensor module.

Third Step: 

Detach the light fixture from the wall or ceiling; if the light fixture is located on the ceiling, you will need to use a ladder or scaffold to access it.

Fourth Step: 

Remove the lighting fixture from the hollow in the wall or ceiling that contains the wiring. Take off the screw tabs that are attached to the wires that have been twisted together. 

Fifth Step: 

Disconnect the cables from the lighting fixture, the motion sensor module that is installed within the wall or ceiling, and the electrical junction box that is also installed inside the wall or ceiling. Take out the motion sensor module from wherever it is tucked. 

Sixth Step: 

Use the blade of a utility knife to scrape the ends of the wires that are already exposed and that are joined to the motion sensor module. This will improve the conductivity of the wires.

Seventh Step: 

Join the ends of the white wires that are coming from the motion sensor module, the electrical junction box, and the lighting fixture by twisting them together.

Put a screw tab over each end of the twisted wires, and then secure them. Turn the screw tab counterclockwise until you feel resistance when turning it on the wires.

Eight Step: 

Attach the black wire that is attached to the lighting fixture to the end of the red wire that is attached to the motion sensor module.

Then, twist the two ends together. After placing a screw tab over the ends of the twisted wires, secure the screw tab to the wires using the screw tab.

Ninth Step: 

Attach the end of the black wire that is attached to the electrical junction box to the end of the black wire that is attached to the motion sensor module and then twist the two ends together.

Tenth Step: 

Put the motion sensor module back into the wall or ceiling where it was originally installed. Incorporate the wire into the wall or the ceiling as best you can.

Put the light fixture back where it was originally located on the wall or ceiling. Put the screws back in place.

How Do You Remove Outdoor Light Cover?

Using a putty knife to pry up on the slotted connector in a controlled manner until it detaches itself is one of the available options.

You also have the choice of using a pair of needle-nose pliers to rotate the connector in a back-and-forth motion until it detaches itself.

After the slotted connector has been taken off, you can detach the lamp cover from the ceiling by pulling it away.

Does a Motion Light Need a Special Bulb?

There is no need to purchase specialized bulbs in order to use motion sensor lighting. A motion detector can be broken down into two primary components: a motion sensor that can detect motion and an electrical switch.

In most cases, it does not make a difference whether the light source that the motion detector changes is an LED or an incandescent bulb.

How Do You Fix an Outside Motion Sensor Light?

LED motion sensor light attached to outer white wall

The first thing is to turn on and off the motion sensor light for 30 seconds before you retry using it. This is the most effective method. Alternatively, you can turn off the power and allow it to reset itself. 

Can You Replace LED in Security Light?

Yes, they can be replaced. Simply switching out one of the fluorescent bulbs for an incandescent or halogen one is the quickest and easiest solution. It is possible for it to have a lesser wattage.

LEDs can continue to be used for the rest of the lights. The more difficult choice is to install a modern sensor and switch combination, which will necessitate the installation of a neutral wire at the existing switch.

How Long Do Motion Lights Last?

The light from a motion detector will often remain on for up to 20 minutes on average. It is feasible for a motion detector light to be on for much longer than 20 minutes at a time since that length of time is increased each time a sensor detects new movement.


Don't fret if you find that the bulb in your Defiant motion light is difficult for you to replace. If you follow these basic steps, you won't have any problems moving on. We appreciate you taking the time to read our guide on how to change the bulb in a Defiant motion light.

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