How To Attach Trellis To Brick Wall Without Drilling?

Are you planning to install a trellis, but you don’t want to drill into your brick wall, and you want to know how it can be done? You’ve come to the right place, for we have researched this question and have the answer for you.

You can use epoxy putty to place hooks on your brick wall. Use the hooks to hang the trellis in place. Alternatively:

  • Create a wire grid on the wall, strung from hook to hook in a unique pattern.
  • Angle the trellis grid against the brick wall, firmly grounded.
  • Set an A-frame (two trellis grids conjoined at the top), securely grounded, in front of the wall.
  • Position a freestanding trellis.

However, if you really do not want to damage your brick walls, you can install a trellis without suspending it on the wall. Find out how in the succeeding sections.

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Installing Trellis On Brick Wall Without Drilling

Installation of a trellis is possible without drilling holes in your brick wall. Follow the simple steps below to achieve this:

  1. Clean the area where you plan to install the trellis. Use mild dishwashing soap and water to remove dirt and debris.
  2. Let it dry naturally.
  3. Measure the height of the trellis that you plan to install and mark the areas on the wall where you want to install the supports.
  4. Take a small amount of epoxy putty and wrap it around the screw end of a round hook. Most epoxy putties have different formulas made for specific types of surfaces. Pick one that is waterproof and can be used for stone or concrete.
  5. Install the epoxy putty with the hook on the wall where you plan to place the support for the trellis. Make sure that you have enough putty to support the weight of the trellis and the plants that will soon grow there.
  6. Repeat the process for several more support hooks on the wall.
  7. Let the putty dry and harden.
  8. Install the trellis on the support hooks using garden twist ties.

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Wire Grid Trellis

Another option is to simply connect the hooks with wires, so as not to use a pre-formed trellis. You can position the hooks so that the wires will form an image, a pattern, or a set of letters. Once vines fill the wires, the pattern will become more visible.

Angle Trellis Against The Brick

If you have a trellis grid already constructed, you can simply lay it on the wall at an angle. The underside of the trellis grid will form the shape of an acute triangle with the wall.

Drive supports into the ground that is at least four to six inches deep. Use a garden twist tie to fasten the base of the trellis grid to the ground supports.

The supports will prevent your trellis grid from falling or sliding off the wall.

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A-Frame Trellis

If you want more space for your trellis, you can take two of your trellis grids and then connect them together at the top. You can use a screw, a bolt, or a garden twist tie to hold them together.

Position them close to the wall and open the bottom to the shape of a tall and narrow uppercase “A.” You can have the shape of the letter “A” facing the wall so that more trellis surface is visible along the wall.

Install similar support that is driven into the ground so that the structure will not slide or fall.

How to install a freestanding trellis?

If it is not possible to use an epoxy putty on your brick wall for whatever reason, you can install a freestanding trellis instead. The fourth option above is already an example of a freestanding trellis that is positioned next to your brick wall but doesn’t need it for support.

The advantage of a freestanding trellis is that you are no longer limited to installing them against a wall. You can now place them anywhere you want.

A freestanding trellis provides you with a vertical garden that you can fill with fragrant flowers that draw bees and birds to your place. Alternatively, you can plant berries and vegetables vertically to give you more yield for a small area of land.

Perhaps the soil around your house is not suitable for planting, then a freestanding trellis will give you the freedom to plant despite the limitation of the surrounding ground.

Here are some freestanding trellis ideas that you can install along your brick wall, around your patio, along the entrance to your house, or just about anywhere.

Planter Trellis

a nice view of trellis full of wonderful plants and purple flowers

This is a combination of two design elements—the trellis and the planter. The planter allows you to create a decorative pattern for your plants by planting them in a defined area. The trellis gives you more plant alternatives when it comes to the different plants that you can use.

You can use planters that are freestanding, permanent, or portable. A portable planter with a trellis gives you the option to relocate your plants to areas that require their beauty.

You can install the trellis on the long end of the planter, or you can install it in the middle. The first option is best if you plan to use the planter as a background for furniture or other smaller plants. The second option is best if the planter is going to be installed in the center of an area.

The Obelisk

tower trellis with a green healthy vine of a plant

This is a variation of the fourth option above.

Instead of combining two similar trellis grids, you can combine four. This is best if the trellis grid has a wide bottom and a narrow top. Tie the four grids together along the long sides to form an obelisk shape.

You can install it in the center of a square planter or in the middle of an open area. Fasten the obelisk trellis with stakes driven into the ground at the four corners of the obelisk.

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An option that you can do with this type of freestanding trellis is combining three, five, or even six grids to give your obelisk interesting shapes!

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beautiful garden full of healthy pink flowers on a sunny day

When designing a pergola, fill two or three of its sides with trellis patterns. It doesn’t have to be grids as long as it serves the same purpose. The plants will have the freedom to grow and climb up to the top of the pergola and cover it.

If you plan to fill only two sides, you can pick two opposite sides or two adjacent sides. Trellis on opposite sides gives you the option of planting two different flowers on each side that will meet and intertwine at the top of the pergola, giving it a more dramatic effect.

You can use the pergola to define the walkways around your garden or to decorate the pathway to your house. A series of several pergolas can give you the effect of an archway made of vines.

Just make sure to call the utilities and building authority at your place. The posts of a pergola should be driven into the ground by at least a quarter of their height. The posts should be at a certain distance from the utilities.

Ladder Pots

a ladder pot trellis, green vine, green leaves, healthy plant

This is a variation of the planter trellis.

Instead of using a wide planter, you can use a square or narrow planter instead. Optionally, you can use a medium or large pot instead of a planter.

Since your planting area is smaller, it makes sense that your trellis should be narrow too. This is where the ladder trellis comes in.

Drive two long vertical poles into the soil and then fasten vertical members to the vertical poles to make it look like a ladder. This type of freestanding trellis can be made small enough to be used inside the house. You can even use a version as decoration for both sides of your front and back doors.

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Columnar Trellis

garden field full of plants, trellis garden support

You can bend and shape soft metal pipes like copper into short columns. Include a few horizontal members, and you have a freestanding trellis that is reminiscent of your obelisk but straighter like a rectangular column.

You can install this anywhere in your garden.

You can use it on a large planter to support flowering vines. You can install several of these columns along your fence to give it a unique decorative touch. Optionally, you can even install them along the sides of windows to decorate them.

Wherever you decide to place them, just remember to drive the supports into the ground to prevent them from falling over.


wide garden brick wall, brown brick, green plant vine

There are several ways to attach a trellis to a brick wall without drilling.

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