How Big Do Dwarf Evergreens Grow [How Tall]?

As the name implies, evergreen trees mean that leaves will always be on them no matter how much their leaves fall notwithstanding any weather or season. If you want to know how big dwarf evergreen trees grow, you're on the right page because we have done the research to answer your question.

How tall a dwarf evergreen will grow varies greatly by variety. There are some varieties that can grow even grow as tall as 20 feet, but most grow to 4 to 6 feet. Most only grow a few inches a year, so they will fit your garden for a long time.

Most evergreen trees don't need too much upkeep attention for maintenance. Keep reading to know more about the size and height of dwarf evergreen trees, including the different types and how to keep it small.

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Dwarf Evergreens

Dwarf evergreen trees are ideal for planting in pots or small gardens. Planting little trees is convenient since they take up minimal area in your yard, need little upkeep, and are green all year. Small dwarf evergreen trees can provide lovely garden landscape features, even in expansive gardens.

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There are many varieties of dwarf evergreen trees and many of them can be used in landscape design. You either choose dwarf weeping trees, dwarf ornamental fir trees, dwarf ornamental spruce trees, small pine evergreen trees, and dwarf cypress trees.

Dwarf evergreen trees require very little upkeep year-round aside from their decorative attractiveness. For instance, they are simple to plant and don't require a lot of pruning due to their modest stature.

Additionally, you don't need to be concerned about extensive root systems harming your home. They are therefore perfect for planting in tight or limited spaces.

How Tall Do Dwarf Evergreen Trees Grow?

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When choosing dwarf evergreens, it's important to know the variety, especially if you want to know how tall it will grow. The Green Arrow is considered a dwarf evergreen for its slim silhouette but can grow up to 20 feet!

Mugo pine is a type of dwarf evergreen tree and grows as high as 3 to 5 feet tall. It has short, dense branches and is a compact tree. The Green Spire dwarf evergreen foliage tree grows to a height of 6 to 8 feet.

The Blue weeping dwarf grows to a minimum of 10 feet maximum high and it grows very fast. Dwarf Serbian Spruce, a slow-growing dwarf tree, only gets up to four inches tall. That is roughly 7 to 10 centimeters annually.

What Types of Dwarf Trees Are There?

Below are the different types of dwarf trees:

Japanese Maple

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This kind of maple is a stunning focal point in your landscape due to its graceful form and delicate leaf. You can choose from among hundreds of varieties with its leaves in colors ranging from darkest red to orange to green.

While some may tolerate full light, many others need some shade. Its mature height ranges from 6 to 10 feet.

Sargent Crabapple Tree

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Its lovely white or pink spring blossoms turn into dark red fruits in the fall on this low, horizontally spreading dwarf tree.

The tree's berries and aromatic blossoms are a favorite of both birds and butterflies. 7 to 9 feet tall when fully grown.

Redbud Tree

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Early in the spring, redbuds blossom before the lovely heart-shaped leaves can be seen. While several kinds reach heights of over 10 feet, some remain shorter. To stay compact in tiny places, look for kinds with a weeping form. Its Height when fully grown is 6 to 8 feet.


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Hydrangeas are found practically everywhere. They are particularly gorgeous in the landscape and have blooms that last all summer that pollinators appreciate when nurseries shape them into tree form.

Several species can withstand frigid temperatures. For maximum impact, position this eye-catching plant in a central location in your yard. When fully grown, it stands 6 to 8 feet tall.

Crape Myrtle

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Some crape myrtle (also known as crepe myrtle) trees can reach heights of more than ten feet, but dwarf variants can only grow to a maximum of around half that height.

It is a fantastic option in hot, humid climates because of its appealing flowers of different colors of white, pink, or purple.  Its Height reaches 5 to 8 feet when fully grown. 

Seven Sons Flowers

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This distinctive tree has a variety of appealing features which are nice-smelling flowers that attract birds and pollinators, beautiful leathery leaves, and a good-looking bark to burn during winter.

Most people don't know about this tree but if you ever come across it, you'll like it. It grows a little bit more than 10 feet tall when fully grown. 

What Is The Smallest Dwarf Spruce?

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Anyone with a garden notwithstanding its size can benefit from having dwarf Serbian spruce planted as an evergreen tree. This Serbian dwarf tree has only 3 to 4 inches added to the height of its slow-growing rate tree per year.

The dwarf Serbian spruce has leaves with green and silver needles that produce dense foliage, similar to many large and tiny spruce evergreens. The little tree will probably only reach a height of 5 feet, and its base will extend out to a similar extent. The Serbian dwarf tree doesn't need to be pruned to keep it in good form.

The Pendula is another kind of Serbian spruce that is a member of the weeping evergreen family. -40 °C (-40 °F) is the lowest temperature at which this species of spruce tree can survive.

What Is The Most Narrow Evergreen Tree?

The narrow juniper skyrocket is of the most narrow evergreen trees. For year-round color, privacy, shade, and aesthetic appeal in a garden, narrow evergreen trees make great landscaping trees.

In small, constrained gardens where attractive trees can't grow out, these slender evergreen trees are perfect. Additionally, if you want to add color to a patio, container garden, or entranceway, thin trees with evergreen foliage are a good choice.

Narrow Juniper Skyrocket

perfectly placed skyrocket juniper tree shrub on the side walk garden

Skyrocket is the name given to this tree because of its extremely slender growth habit. The slim juniper skyrocket tree is an adaptable, hardy evergreen with lovely bluish-green foliage. It merely spreads 3 feet wide and grows to a height of 15 to 20 feet.

This juniper Skyrocket can be planted as an ornamental tree or as an evergreen screen. It requires relatively little maintenance once it has been planted and it doesn't need to be pruned to maintain its pencil-like shape.

How Do You Keep Evergreen Trees Small?

Keeping evergreen trees small is sometimes required to maintain a tree's current height. For instance, a power line might be above, a garden might require more sunlight than a larger tree would permit, or the growth of another tree might be hampered by the branches of a tall tree.

It takes time and effort to get a tree to cease growing upward as it is intended to. While pruning in the middle of the summer removes the portion of the limbs that produces food.

It is easier to limit development than when pruning during the dormant season in late winter. Evergreen trees can even be pruned into shrubs or hedges, and deciduous trees can be kept tiny. Here are some steps you can follow:

Step 1

Where several additional branches emerge from the main trunk at the top of the tree, trim them down to within two inches. Use pruning shears to remove the leader if it has a tiny diameter. A handsaw works better for diameters up to 1-1/2 inches. Make a 45-degree cut.

Step 2

From the branches that are closest to the top, choose a new lead. Tie the lead to the stub of the previously cut top after bending it upright. Employ twine.

Step 3

To maintain the top's consistency with the rest of the tree, trim back all the additional limbs in the same section. While cutting off the top prevents the tree from growing taller, topping is generally discouraged for several reasons, including the uneven growth it causes and the less-than-appealing tree it results in.

It can also lead to new branches that are weak and break off, causing dangerous falls. However, topping the tree when it is still young, pruning back other branches, and allowing many branches to sprout from the cut ends provides a shrub-like appearance.

Step 4

Reduce side limbs by no more than one-third of their length, and make a 45-degree cut just in front of a side shoot.

As a result, water sprouts are discouraged and development is encouraged to proceed down the side branch in the same general direction. Continue pruning each year. The type of tree will determine when it has to be trimmed.

Note that, due to a shared source of nutrients, growing more plants close to or around the tree slows growth.

How Tall Do Dwarf Cypress Trees Get?

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Between the middle of spring and the middle of fall, dwarf cypress trees sprout. With age, their growth rate changes. When a tree is young, it can grow 24 inches each year, but as it reaches 40 to 50 feet tall, its growth rate slows down by almost half.

Climate and environmental circumstances have an impact on growth rate as well. Italian cypress grows more slowly in cooler regions and more proficiently in the Mediterranean. It thrives on sandy loams that have good drainage and lots of sunlight.

To Sum Up

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Evergreen trees as their names suggest are trees that always have their leaves on them no matter the weather condition. Unlike other types of trees, they need little effort for maintenance as they thrive perfectly in good sunlight. Evergreen trees can reach a height of 20-60 feet but dwarf Evergreen trees grow as far as 4 feet.

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