Are Concrete Pavers Fireproof Or Fire Resistant?

Concrete pavers are a durable and easy-to-install paving solution, enhancing curb appeal and increasing your landscape's functionality. If you're planning to install concrete pavers, you must be wondering whether you can incorporate a firepit. Are concrete pavers fireproof? We've researched this.

Installing the correct paving material is important if you're planning to put it anywhere near a fire. Unfortunately, concrete pavers are not made for high temperatures, and they are bound to crack over time when they're exposed to fire for long periods of time.

Even if concrete pavers are not ideal materials to build firepits on, there are fortunately ways you can work around this. If you're still looking for paver options, there are other fire-resistant and durable alternatives that you can go choose from. Keep reading below to learn more.

man wearing yellow safety gloves, holding rubber mallet, installing concrete pavers, Are Concrete Pavers Fireproof Or Fire Resistant?

Can you put concrete on a fire pit?

Technically, poured concrete or concrete pavers can be incorporated into the outer shell of the fire pit as long as the inside is lined with fireproof or fire-resistant material.

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If you’re adamant about using concrete, you need to be careful about its construction. They are non-porous, so the water trapped inside can react badly with high exposure to heat.

For example, you can put fire bricks inside to contain the fire so the moisture from the concrete won’t expand and crack the material. This will prevent accidents and any unpredictable events from ruining your night.

You should also line the bottom of the fire pit with lava rocks just to put a buffer between the fire and the concrete itself.

What to put on the outside of the fire pit?

The material placed on the outer side of the fire pit should still be heat-resistant, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be completely fire-proof unlike what’s required with the inner lining.

You should also avoid materials that are flammable and non-porous material such as compressed concrete blocks and pea gravel.

Here are materials you can use to build the outer side of your fire pit.

Poured Concrete

If you intend to use concrete, make sure you use one that is mixed with stone, gravel, and cement so you can be assured of its strength.

To be safe, line the inside of the fire pit with fire bricks and lava rocks to distribute heat more evenly.

If you live in an area that experiences winter, make sure to attach sonotubes under the corners of your fire pit and make sure you don’t build below the frost line.

Fire Bricks

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Fire bricks are extremely durable and the best material you can use for a firepit.

They can withstand extremely high temperatures for an extended period, and they effectively retain heat so you can warm yourself better.

Fire bricks can be installed both on the outer and inner sides of your firepit. They are non-combustible, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your fire pit suddenly exploding.

Although fire bricks are pricier, they can be considered an investment since they are a permanent fixture that can last for years.

They are not easy to install, so make sure to hire an experienced contractor to avoid permanent mishaps.

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What to put in the fire pit?

What you put inside your fire pit is highly important for your safety and to avoid accidents around your property. These materials will ensure that the fire is contained well and that it will keep you warm effectively for hours.

Here are the materials you should put into your fire pit.

Lava Rocks

Lava rocks can keep your fire pits contained as long as you know how to properly handle them so they don’t suddenly explode.

It’s important to keep them clean and dry since excess moisture can be trapped inside the rocks and cause them to crack once they become in contact with fire.

When handled properly, lava rocks can withstand high temperatures since it’s been formed through fire itself.

They are also more practical to use since you don’t have to replace them often—they hold up their form after many times of heat exposure.

When placed under the fire pit, they also make the fire look more visually appealing since they distribute the flames more evenly, making the fire look more natural and cozy.

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Lava Glass

Lava glass offers a contemporary look, making your fire pit look more modern and elegant. It also has a lot of functional benefits, such as retaining its color despite being burned in the fire pit and doesn't produce ash or soot.

There are a variety of lava glasses to choose from:

  • Classic fireglass is smaller, and has a rough texture since it is randomly crushed.
  • Premium fireglass can reflect light better, giving your fire pit a warm and elegant glow.
  • Firebeads are more polished, and they are a popular choice among many homeowners because of their uniform shape making them look more elegant against the fire.

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Safety Precautions When Building A Fire Pit

Before building your fire pit, you should first consider the location and the things that surround you.

Even if you build a strong, durable, and fire-resistant pit, it would be useless unless you consider the things that could be a root cause of an issue.

Here are things to remember when constructing a fire pit.

Stay Away From Fire Hazards

Your fire pit should be located at least 15 feet away from any important fixture that could potentially catch fire. As much as possible, stay away from:

  • sheds,
  • dog houses,
  • detached storage units,
  • shrubs,
  • and plants.

Although it has an aesthetic appeal, stay away from ornamental grasses and flower beds as well.

Plan Enough Space

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You need to have a wide space from which you can separate the fire pit from all the fire hazards.

It is not ideal to construct a permanent fire pit in a small landscape, regardless of how durable and fire-resistant the fire pit might be. Safety should always be the top priority, and having enough space is the key to this.

If you still want the warmth and coziness that fire pits offer, you’re better off investing in a portable fire pit. Not only will it be safer, but you will have more space to yourself.

Install A Steel Ring

The steel ring is non-combustible and fire-resistant. Installing it on the inner wall of your fire pit will retain its shape for longer periods of time, and you won’t have to worry about the structure suddenly crumbling or exploding.

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Final Thoughts

man wearing yellow safety gloves, holding rubber mallet, installing concrete pavers

Firepits can make your landscape feel more inviting, warm, and cozy. They can be an ideal structure through which you and your loved ones can gather.

However, choosing the right materials is essential so you can enjoy the benefits of a fire pit to the fullest.

Make sure you construct it well or hire a professional to be reassured of its structural integrity.

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